Local Entrepreneurs Encouraged To Put In Online Component Of Business

Jamaica News: Local entrepreneurs are being encouraged to actualise an online component of their business, to expand their scope and exposure.

Speaking at the Jamaica Business Development Corporation (JBDC) recent virtual session of the Biz Zone, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Mobile Edge Solutions, Leighton Campbell, presented tips on how members of the micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) can move into the digital space.

“E-commerce is in demand and enables market expansion and penetration to grow your business beyond physical boundaries. The investment to set up an e-commerce business versus successful brick and mortar is a fraction of the cost,” he pointed out.

Mr. Campbell encouraged small business owners to model their online business in a similar way to their brick and mortar operations.

“Design your website to sell. Consumers are looking to reach your products, so ensure that you have a sign-up system, a way to order your products, request quotations and to book your services,” he argued.

Mr. Campbell added that entrepreneurs should see their website as the face of their business.

“It should act as a sales force, so it is important to have calls to action on your landing page as you are thinking about what the customer needs, and how your website can serve those needs,” he explained.

The JBDC Biz Zone is a weekly series of webinars organised by the JBDC to assist MSMEs to further their development. The session was held under the theme ‘Demystifying E-Commerce’.

The JBDC is the Government’s business development agency that assists in the sustainable creation and development of MSMEs in Jamaica.


Source: JIS News

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