Listen To Mavado’s New Popcaan Diss Track ‘Artillery’

Listen To Mavado’s New Popcaan Diss Track ‘Artillery’

One of dancehall’s finest, Mavado has dropped a slick new track called Artillery. The official audio released on the artiste’s VEVO page on February 28th and is featured on the High Rev Riddim. This is another musical production under DJ Frass Records and Zojak World Wide distributors.

When enough is enough, the Gully Gad has no reservations for making you know. The lyrical ingredients of the new track Artillery is spiced with some quick-witted rhymes that is without a doubt laden with direct disses complete with a lot of unwavering threats and gun talk.

Everyone is speculating that these figurative shots are being fired towards dancehall artiste Popcaan, especially after a provoking post he made on his social media. A week ago the deejay reposted a viral video on his Instagram page of a partygoer supposedly sleeping in a nightclub while a Mavado tune was playing. As soon as the selector mixed in Popcaan’s single Family, she swiftly got on her feet and started dancing.

Popcaan captioned the video, “she don’t want to hear no fuckrytrouble” and with the added input of fans, started a relentless feed of jabs towards the Gully Gad. Then a few instinctive fans commented, “Popcaan u ina BBC trouble with gully eno know that” as well as “😂😂😂 War is on again #trouble” — and so said, Mavado debuted Artillery.

The track is a mighty threat of exterminations and homicides by way of his artillery, namely an AK tucked away in the trunk of his car and an M16 he uses to turn them into a nowadays mummy, as the lyrics say.

The song starts off with a catchy sounding …“Di sinting go suh Ratatatatataaah, make yuh pray to allah, the ting say shalalalalaa. A no miss kitty a di spitty mi a draw, dem just a talk, dem a big chabba jaw, whole a dem fraid a mi war”.

Then two questionable verses in particular seem quite fitting to Poppy, it says “… man we circle yuh yaad whether yaad or broad, suh when yuh come a draw card you betta watch all di talk weh you make ”. Here we know the person running their mouth has residences both in Jamaica and abroad.

Also lyrics like “Bout say dem bad and dem nah do a thing only sing fi buy gold chain and ring” speaks to something Popcaan is known for, as he’s always flaunting his exquisite diamond encrusted jewels.

The verses go on to talk more about deathly promises, listen to the audio for Artillery below –


Source: Dancehallmag

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