Listen: New Music From Tommy Lee Sparta, QQ, Lisa Hyper, Sikka Rymes, Shaneil Muir, Starlord, And More

Tommy Lee Sparta Debuts New Single ‘Life of a Spartan’: Listen
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From seasoned experts to up and coming talents, we always make sure you stay ahead of the game with new releases.

Here are six newly released dancehall bangers that you should check out. You may just find some new additions to your playlist.

Tommy Lee Sparta – Tattoo

Jamaica’s very own Spartan soldier is back and he’s here to show off his ink. Tommy Lee released the official music video for Tattoo on his YouTube channel yesterday.

The video is fun and full of vibes complete with dancing girls, partying and even some choreographed dance moves with Tommy Lee and his two aliens. There is even footage included of him getting a new face tattoo from @inktensean_tattoos.

The Rich Badness deejay blesses the track with his versatile voice and style to produce a witty track for the party.

“Yow mi tatts dem bad
Bleach up mi skin mek di ink dem pop
True mi cologne ah kick like a World Cup match
Gyal drop off ah pole inna di go go shop”

Feel free to “hol a vibes” to this track.

Tommy Lee Sparta - Tattoo (Official Music Video)

QQ – Bruk Out N Whine

The new video, released yesterday, for this track starts with some humor as QQ, who is a taxi driver, is chased by an angry man who just caught him leaving his girl’s house.

The track then jumps into this high-energy party riddim with QQ complementing it with his vocals:

“Gyal bruk out and whine
From yuh bad gyal bruk out and whine (cock it up!)
Kotch yuh body pon the baseline
Kotch yuh body pon di baseline”

Bruk Out N Whine is an infectious dance track for the girls to “get wild” and enjoy themselves. If you’re in the mood for a good time, check it out.

QQ - Bruk Out N Whine (Official Music Video)

Sikka Rymes, Bussweh, Byrd villain – Eyes Open

“Yow mi life come easy, life get hard
Somebody save mi before mi mad
Mi dance a yard before mi dance abroad
Need a cage fi dah monster yah”

Vybz Kartel’s protege, Sikka Rhymes, teams up with Bussweh and Byrd Villain to bring out an emotional track that expresses his disappointment with people. The video, released two days ago, alludes to the attack on Sikka last year which left him fighting for his life after receiving three gunshot wounds.

“Nuh matter the love weh dem seh dem got fi yuh
Nuff a dem nuh real dem nuh happy fi yuh
So yuh give dem the world because yuh love dem
And weh dem waa gi yuh is a coffin enuh”

If you can relate to this track then definitely check it out.

Sikka Rymes, Bussweh, Byrd villain - Eyes Open (Official Video)

Shaneil Muir – Tropix

Shaneil “a party all day” in her new single called Tropix. This one is a clean summer sizzler that promotes having self-enjoyment and fun.

“Mi a party all day, yeeaah yeah
Turnt up all the way, yeeaah yeah
Drop top and bare things
Big Sim wi nuh beg people ratings”

You can turn this track up anywhere without fear of offending anyone. It’s all about enjoying yourself and feeling good.

Shaneil Muir - Tropix (Official Audio)

Lisa Hyper, Candy Price – 21BhadGyal

Two hardcore Gaza females are here to remind us that they don’t play. Lisa Hyper and Candy Price gives us 21 BhadGyal and shows us their gritty side as they alternate bars on the Torch Dem Riddim.

“Dem shouldn’ diss, gi  dem bullet weh tall like mi spliff
Now everybody roun dem a gif
What the f—k  is this aim fi di target
Wi nuh shoot an miss, win uh shoot an miss”

The ladies top the look off with spliff in hand and their cups of alcohol.

If you want to see some bad females who aren’t afraid to step on some toes then check out 21 BhadGyal.

Lisa Hyper, Candy Price - 21BhadGyal (Official Video)

Starlord – 21

Starlord introduces his new slow jam for the ladies. This isn’t one for the radios just yet, however.

The song is for the freaky girl with an open mind as he expresses that:

“Gyal mi woulda f—k yuh every night, yeah
Woulda love yuh like mi neva love in life
Kiss yuh left, and gwaan squeeze up the right
Buss inah yuh face dem supm deh yuh like”

He slows down the tempo as he pays homage to the ladies with a sexual appetite for exploration; the ladies who are down for anything.

Hear what Starlord has to say and see if 21 speaks to any part of you.

Starlord - 21 ( Official Audio )


Source: Dancehallmag

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