Listen: Jada Kingdom Releases Official Audio For ‘Yuh Betta’

Dancehall artiste, Jada Kingdom, has released yet another single in the span of one week. The single, Yuh Betta, premiered on March 29 and was produced by Tifah the Queen Records. Yuh Betta is currently number 6 on the Jamaican YouTube trending list with over 108,000 views.

The raunchy single depicts Jada telling her partner all the sexual things she would enjoy experiencing with him. The entertainer makes her demands aggressively and without any filter as she sings, “Yuh better doh take it out, wha mi seh. You better doh mek mi shout inna dis”. She tops it all off with her sultry, soft-toned vocals, which dancehall fans have fallen in love with.

Supporters of the Love Situation singer praised the song in the YouTube comments section. One fan said, “A swear this girl dnt get the credit she really deserves  ”. Another added, “I want her and Dexta Daps to do some songs together ”, as he is known for releasing raunchy dancehall tracks as well such as his 2017 hit titled Owner.

Yuh Betta follows the release of Jada’s single, Warning, where she calls out fake friends and associates who put up a pretense for their own gain. Released on March 26, the song’s official audio now has almost 120,000 views and occupies the 20th spot on the trending list.

Jada Kingdom is definitely setting the stage for her career to reach higher heights. In the past, fans have wondered if she is at the level she deserves to be, even considering her an underrated artiste. The entertainer, however, seems to be making strategic moves with her career, while focusing on other ventures such as her website, and her swimsuit line, Jadur Kastel Swims.

In early March 2020, she announced on her Instagram story that she was working on her debut album. With almost 1 million followers on Instagram, over 17 commercially released singles, and hits, including Love Situations and Banana, and the well-received, Heavy!, it is believed Jada now has the foundation on which to release a body of music – an album which could be a fresh sound for dancehall music.

Listen to the official audio for Jada Kingdom’s new release Yuh Betta, below.


Source: Dancehallmag

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