Lisa Hyper Is Excited About Likkle Addi’s Baby, Says Kartel Will Be A Great Grandfather

The congratulations continue to pour in for Likkle Addi, the 15-year-old son of Vybz Kartel, who is expecting a son.

The young dancehall artiste, whose real name is Akheel Raheim Palmer, shared a photo on Instagram of the momentous time in his life on Sunday (May 19).  He deleted it soon afterwards after some disparaging remarks from critics who think that the couple is just too young to handle such a life-changing responsibility. His girlfriend is 18-years-old.

One such person who is elated at the news of the baby to come is Lisa Hyper. Hyper, whose real name is Felicia Gooden, is considered the Gaza ‘First Lady’. She had nothing but uplifting words to express about the pregnancy when she was interviewed by the STAR.

“It feels great! For a mission some thought was impossible, mission accomplished. And I am very proud to be a part of and to be the matriarch of the family. Our motto is fighting for what we believe in and the Gaza legacy is one of them”, she said.

Hyper, said she did not share the view of many on social media and also only had inspirational words for the young girlfriend of Likkle Addi. “She is young, she still has her future ahead of her and I’m positive it will be a bright one. Yes, she now has more responsibilities, in addition to getting educated and getting her chores done. But this blessing will push her and motivate her more to be the best she can be,” she said.

Hyper also shared that her confidence comes from the fact that she knows both Kartel and Addi’s mother, Tanesha, who she believes will do everything in their power to ensure that the child is well taken care of.  “I don’t know her parents but I can speak for Adidja Palmer and Tanesha that they will definitely see to it (her well-being). A blessing is a blessing no matter how and when it comes,” she added.

She was even confident that 44-year-old Kartel would be a great grandfather and said she had “no doubt about that.” It was Kartel who eventually confirmed the news and stood up to critics who tried to bash the young couple.

He also said that all his hard work in dancehall was to be able to provide for his children and eventually his grandchild. Kartel made the official announcement on his Instagram page with a picture of his son and his girlfriend with the caption: “Congrats to me son & daughter and extended family”.

One of the first persons to comment on his post was his long-time friend Spice who also supported the couple when she said: “Woooiiee Congratulations #Newlife #NewGazanation”.   Popular Dancehall selector Foota Hype has also offered his support.

Even though many had words of encouragement, even on the post mentioned above, many were totally against Kartel for supporting his son, like this upset fan who said: “Teacher, yuh know the GAZA nation support strong, but this a f–kery. Mi rate yuh sed way, but cyah support this. A your youth still and yuh affi support him regardless. But ano nothing fi proud a…” and this concerned fan who added: “yes okay but she is 18 and he is 15, yes you are financial stable but what about them, sooner they will have to chart their own paths and their own lives. Such as what about looking forward, man finish school or him just a rely on music and daddy money.”

Kartel, always one to defend family tried to silence the critics by letting them know that he had things under control. In a since deleted caption he said, “Don’t worry bout those two millionaires. What the f— you think i work so hard for..#legacy”.

Whatever people may be feeling about the pregnancy and the child’s birth, the Gaza family has already accepted what’s happening and are more than likely already putting things in place for the baby’s arrival.


Source: Dancehallmag

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