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Lisa Hyper Claps Back At Kartel’s Wife Shorty And Jodi Couture


The saga continues in the GAZA Empire as founding member Lisa Hyper claps back after Tanesha ‘Shorty’ Johnson (Vybz Kartel’s former common-law wife) yesterday declared that she is the real ‘First Lady’ of Gaza, and American based deejay Jodi Couture who dismissed the feud.

The back and forth started between Hyper and Couture over claims to the ‘GAZA First Lady’ title.  Shorty was brought into the dispute by a fan, which angered her beyond control so much so that she responsed “I am his first lady’ as it pertains to Vybz Kartel, also rhetorically asking, “Which one a unuh can go in a di bank?” to bragger her dominance in the league of the other female GAZA members.

Even though Shorty’s fans and friends came to her defense, it hasn’t shut down the other ladies’ claims, well certainly not the Altercation deejay (i.e. Lisa Hyper).

Today, Hyper released a fully loaded video recording going off on both Tanesha and Couture, also setting things straight.

She said contrary to previous rumors that Kartel had kicked her out of the GAZA Empire, it was actually her decision to leave: “I left di GAZA you mothaf–… caa nu matter how mi love and respect … mi nuh tek disrespect … cause dere’s some tings weh mi did just need fi learn pon mi f-kn own”.

“Kartel kicked you out of Gaza, I left,” she added in apparent response to Jodi.

Confirming what many already assumed, Lisa confessed the rude deeds she did to position herself in the Empire, but said unlike the other girls, she did so with only one, that which was the boss (Vybz Kartel).

She said, “A one h–d pon di Gaza mi suck, some come and suck many, a true mi nu waa talk di tings dem… mi nu do bosskit, mi do boss, mi nu do miggle man mi do main man… mi too powerful fi go deh wid falla backa.”

“The matriach reggae album is coming. The phoenix ah drop July,” Hyper said about her upcoming album.  To illustrate how high up she is placed in Kartel’s world, Hyper shared that Kartel will be on her “The Phoenix” project as she is on his upcoming album, Of Dons & Divas.

Lisa also casually let everyone know that she’s quite fine sharing the boss as she has been doing so for many many years now before she eventually got to the ‘cockroach’.

“Nuff a dem weh yuh see a come cuss bout di h–d, dem nu get it yet, dah cockroach deh, she neva feel di h–d yet,” Lisa said presumably about Jodi Couture.

It seems like this whole spectacle was discussed with Kartel as well, Lisa seemingly recapped the conversation she had with him, saying, “Mi say to the man seh, Yo imagine if di gyal di get the h–d? … Imagine how some a dem would a bloodcl–t behave?”

With that said, Lisa shared what was perhaps her strongest argument for the ‘First Lady’ title.  She said she has known Kartel since she was just 5-years-old and that they became intimate when she was 17-years-old. “Uno a cuss mi bout a h–d weh mi a tek from mi 17… mi would be fool fi hate uno fi dah h–d deh,” she said.

Then to address Shorty’s ‘bank’ comment, Hyper said that as the ‘First Lady’ she has to know everything, revealing that even though Kartel is behind bars, he continues to financially support (help and feed) many and insinuated that its ‘her’ doing that allows that to happen. “Dem a talk bout naa go a bank, bi–ch, listen don’t make mi talk it, mi neva disrespect yuh before and mi naa go di it now,” he added.

Hyper said there is a hierarchy in the GAZA camp, explicitly identifying a matey, side chick, wife, and first lady, so while these other ladies, namely Tanesha and Jodi, may fit into one of those categories, she Lisa Hyper is literally…the ‘First Lady’.


Source: Dancehallmag

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