Lisa Hyper Announces Reggae, Gospel Albums And Apologizes For Vybz Kartel

Lisa Hyper has announced plans to not only release a reggae album but a gospel album, over the next two years.

Speaking during an interview with Onstage host Winford Williams, the Girls Night Out artiste said the two albums will follow her Phoenix dancehall album, which is set to be released later this month.

According to her, she is particularly excited about what she described as the main song on Phoenix, which is a collaboration with Dexta Daps.  Other recordings include the title track Phoenix, which is a collaboration with Chronic Law, as well as other tunes featuring Sikka Rymes and Vybz Kartel.

The 32-year-old appeared excited about her reggae album, which she has already titled The Matriarch and disclosed that she is looking forward to doing collabs with SanchezQueen Ifrica, whom she had long said is her role model, as well as Ikaya and Beres Hammond.

Early in the interview Hyper, whose given name is Felecia Gooden, proffered apologies on behalf of incarcerated deejay Vybz Kartel, for what she said are any transgressions which he had made against anyone.

“I wanna apologize for my boss too.  Everyone in society that he has rubbed the wrong way, I wanna apologise for Vybz Kartel on my behalf.  He doesn’t know that I am doing this; but I want to do that for him. I need him to come home.  I am apologizing for him for anybody that he has wronged,” she emphasized.

She also said apologizing to dancehall diva, Spice and ending their decade-long feud just over a week ago, was something she had wanted to do from a long time ago but, for some reason, was hesitant.

“It’s the first I am apologizing to someone and feel so honoured doing so.  I feel so good and I have no regret in doing it because it is really something I wanted to do for years now.  A lot of times I watch her and have a big smile on my face…,” she explained.

Lisa made it clear, though, that she was no ‘Queen of Apologies,’ as there will be no act of contrition forthcoming from her, for fellow female artiste, Pamputtae, whom she said had questioned the sincerity of her apology to Spice.

“I don’t owe she no apology, and she won’t get no apology from me, jus fi dah talk deh.  If a attention she did a seek, she seek di wrong attention from mi.  Mi gi har di attention weh shi did want.  I guess because I apologise to Spice, everybaddy feel like Lisa Hyper is a totally different person.  No, I am still deranged…,” she said.

“What I am focusing on now is the Matriarch, the Reggae album, and then I am going to do a gospel album in 2022, so look out for me people, I am coming,” she said.

Two weekends ago, Pamputtae had made a post criticizing Lisa Hyper’s apology after the Gaza First Lady and Spice called a truce.   Both women had apologized to each other and acknowledged that they each played a role in fuelling the longstanding bad blood, which led them to be estranged for more than a decade.

An angry Lisa had responded on her Instagram live, hurling obscenities at Pamputtae and declaring that she would never apologize to her for dissing her, supposedly in her Aftermath song, which was recorded following the Sting stage show in 2009.


Source: Dancehallmag

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