Lisa Frazer – Super Mom, Soldier, and Star Athlete

Lisa Frazer
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June 25, 2019 – Montego Bay, Jamaica


  • Jamaica’s First Female Mixed Martial Arts Champion – 2019
  • National Boxing Female Champion – 2016 to Present
  • Winner of the RJR Woman of the Year for Rugby Award 2014 & 2016
  • JDF Champion Female Runner – 2011 & 2012

AND… she’s just getting started.


Lisa Frazer was born in St. Ann in the town of Alexandra in 1982. She Lived with her parents until they separated after which she was raised primarily by her father. Lisa recalls her childhood as being very challenging and often times unhappy and rough. As a farmer’s daughter, she spent most weekends tending to the animals and various crops located “way out in the bush” She had to walk long distances often time carrying heavy loads or pushing a cart on rocky roads.  Her holidays were never filed with leisure or gifts like other children her age, instead, Lisa found herself working as a vendor at Coronation Market in Kingston where she was responsible for selling the ground produce while fending for herself in hostile and oftentimes dangerous situations.

MOTHERHOOD – “Hush …Everything is going to be all right”

At the age of 14, she found herself pregnant and decided against the advice of her friends to keep her child and be the best mother possible even if she had to face the journey alone.

She moved to Montego Bay, closer to her Mother; whom she had not seen in years, and enrolled at the Women ‘s Centre after which she transferred to Knockalva Technical High School. As a single mother, she struggled to find a balance between spending time with her daughter, Lori-Anne and working to provide for their daily needs while still attending high school. Ultimately, “The rent di affi pay” so before she could graduate she dropped out of high school again to focus on finding full-time work. She found various labour jobs such as working on construction sites, tieing steel, mixing concrete, painting, woodworking and at one point she even worked at her daughter’s basic school as a caretaker before becoming a soldier.

“I will never forget the kindness they showed me and Lori-Anne,” said Lisa, as she recalled the experience she had at her daughter’s first school: Cornwall Gardens Basic School. By the time Lori-Anne was 5 years old, Lisa was out of work and found it difficult to find the money to send her daughter to school and eventually Lori-Anne stop attending classes. The teachers noticed her absence and encouraged Lisa to not give up. So the next day, when Lori-Anne when to school Lisa went right along with her and without being asked to… stayed on the school grounds, picked up a broom and started sweeping classrooms, cleaning, painting and even repairing damaged fences. She did “any likkle ting” she could to show her appreciation. Her humility, determination, and skill didn’t go unnoticed and before long the facility members all agreed that Lisa was a sure bet as well as an asset to the school – They offered her a full-time job –  but life had different plans for Lisa; just as she was to start working at the school, the JDF called.

SOLDIER LIFE – ‘Wat a gwaan Sojie’

The Jamaican Defence Force responded to Lisa’s application in December 2005, and Lisa happily accepted the opportunity to serve her country.  She started Recruit Training and quickly realized that her life would never be the same.

It was in the army that Lisa would face the toughest challenge of her life. She admits that even though she had a rough childhood nothing compared to the rigours of soldier life. “It was mostly the way they talked to you … yuh know, it was very hard, cause you can’t answer back to your Junior Officer much less the Senior one dem. You just have to sit and tek it and there’s no one to talk to about it. Sometimes it was so frustrating that all I could do was cry”.

Lisa did  “tuffed it out” and within four years she not only become a Lance Corporal but also the JDF’s Champion Female Runner and Boxer.

STAR ATHLETE – “But Wait, ow dis likkle gurl so strong”

Lisa played for a football team when she first moved to Montego Bay run by a reporter, Allan Lewin. “It was such a joy to go over to Dump-Up Beach and play. I remember playing barefoot – dem times you could walk morning or night in Montego Bay… I missed those days” “Around 2004, I meet Coach Patrick Alexander and started playing for the “Montego Bay Panthers” and that is when I fell in love with the game of Rugby.”

For the past 15 years, Lisa has been serving her country as a former captain and now a Coach-Player for the Jamaican National Rugby Team: The Lady Crocs. After recovering for a broken foot she received in a rugby match against Mexico, Lisa and the team are now prepping to travel to Cayman Island to qualify for the 2020 Olympics.

Lisa has dominated as a boxer for the JDF and became Jamaica’s first ever Female Mix Martial Arts Champion.

Now she is ready to face the new challenge of dominating the world of “Sports Sambo” (Russian Hybrid Martial Arts) she is headed to the Dominican Republic on June 27, 2019, to again represent her country in the Pan American Sambo Championships.

WHAT NEXT “Show me the money”

Lisa is determined to continue winning and making history in the world of female sports.  After many years of financing her journey out of pocket, Lisa has put out a call to business owners and sports lovers to lend a helping hand in the way of sponsorship to assist her to focus on her training and provide the support she needs to achieve her ultimate goal of becoming a World Champion.

If you would like to get in touch Lisa Frazer contact her Management Team at  (876) 668-9862 on IG at @lisafrazer.8

Written by Maliaka Bryce


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