Lion escapes near Berlin, cops urge residents to say indoors

Lion escapes near Berlin, cops urge residents to say indoors

Looks like the cat is out of the bag.

A lion got loose near Berlin Thursday, prompted a massive search by German authorities, who are urging residents to stay indoors.

Authorities used helicopters, drones and infrared cameras to search for the renegade beast — who was captured on grainy video at one point and believed to be chasing a wild boar.

About 100 police officers, hunters, and vets are taking part in the widespread search efforts, with the goal of tranquilizing and capturing the lioness — and only killing her if she poses a threat to somebody.

Police say they were first informed of the missing lion around midnight Thursday when they received alarming cellphone footage of the animal lurking in the streets.

Authorities have been searching for the missing cat all day Thursday.

Officials believe the big cat to be a missing pet since no local zoos or circuses have reported a missing lioness.

“Around midnight we received a notification that we couldn’t believe,” Brandonberg police spokesperson Daniel Kiep told local broadcaster RBB.

“Two passersby spotted an animal chasing after another. One was a wild boar and the other appeared to be a big cat, a lion. The two men recorded a video on their phones and even experienced police officers had to confirm that we are probably dealing with a lion.”

In the footage, the big cat and a wild boar appear to be chasing each other throughout city streets.

Police received cellphone footage of the lion overnight.
deer BSC/Twitter

According to police, a boar carcass has not been found since.

Authorities have theorized that the lion may now be asleep in a Lakeland forest in Brandenburg, the state that surrounds Germany’s capital.

Officials have since warned the public over loudspeaker announcements and on various social media platforms to not take their dogs on walks through nearby forests, especially during the nighttime.

lion on the loose
Officials have warned people to avoid walking their dogs in the woods with the lion on the loose.
German police have utilized two helicopters in their efforts to locate the lioness.
AFP via Getty Images

“We recommend that people shouldn’t leave the house to walk and especially not to go jogging in the forest,” said Michael Gruber, mayor of Kleinmachnow, a municipality southwest of Berlin, where the animal was first spotted.

“The escaping wild animal has NOT been found yet! We still ask you not to leave the house,” Brandenburg police said on social media. “If you see the animal, please call the emergency number 110!”

During a midday update, police said two officers had spotted the lioness on two separate occasions overnight, but no one has seen it since.

Hunters have joined in the search for the massive cat.

It is unknown how the lion got loose.



SOURCE: New york post

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