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St James- Lilliput Man Chopped To Death

St. James, Jamaica (McKoy’s News)- Lilliput Man Chopped: A man who allegedly attacked and  stabbed another man to death, along a section of the Rosehall main road in Lilliput, St. James on Tuesday afternoon, was later held in another section of the community and chopped to death by angry residents.

The police say they are unable to release the name of the man who was stabbed to death at this time, but the dead accused has been identified so far only as ‘Townist’.

Reports by the Barrett Town police are that at about 5:00 pm on Tuesday, the man known only as Townist, and the other victim got involved in an argument along the Rosehall main road.

Further reports are that the man known as Townist, used  a knife to stab the other man to death and fled the scene on foot.

Angry community members armed themselves with machetes and knives and went in search of Townist. The angry mob reportedly caught up with him at a section of the community shortly after 1;00 am on Wednesday, and chopped him to death.

Both men were pronounced dead at the Cornwall Regional Hospital , while the Barrett Town police are now investigating.

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