Lila Iké Unveils Tranquil Visuals For ‘Solitude’: Watch

Ever wondered what a day in the life of Lila Iké is like? Well she has parted the drapes in her new visuals to show you as much along with how she journeyed the trail that inspired her single Solitude.

Not quite a music video but the visualizer for the single debuted on Iké’s YouTube page today May 20th, with just the songstress and her environs. If you didn’t catch some perspective of this sweet soul through her music before then you certainly will now.

An early morning drive into the quiet outback takes Lila on a hike to a cascading waterfall where she drowns out the noises for a little soul-searching. Lush green forest views lay the perfect backdrop as she verses the intro of the song, “Peace of mind, that’s just what I seek to find (oh yeah). I ain’t in the mood, I just need some solitude.”

Her guitar isn’t far, she drums a couple tunes before ‘disappearing to the habitat’ for some light sprinting and yoga. More meditative and passive scenes take her into a slick deejaying segment on the song. “Right ya now nuff a dem fi get block and delete. Airplane mode, how dah life yah so sweet…”

No phone or distraction in sight, the country girl that she is, changes into a little red tube-top and high-waisted stipe shorts to go climb a mango tree outside, where she picks a ripe Julie mango to her delight. Back to her craft, she pens a few verses on a sketchpad and whisks outs her guitar once again. The tune she writes is the one that she sings, Solitude.

Check out the full-length visualizer below for the epic story that inspired the making of the song.

Solitude is the second single on her 7- track EP, The ExPerience, which debuted on May 15th. Lila says it’s her favorite song on the album bearing more meaning than the others as it connects with her on a spiritual and emotional level.

“I wrote that song when I got the guitar, because I started it on the guitar. Protoge got me guitar for my birthday and I remember when he gave it to me, I just started playing it and I started free styling that song. I was going through a period that I just wanted to say the things I said in that song. That song means a lot to me and because of how different it is,” she said.

Now listening to the lyrics, there is deeper insight to the layers of the song. Being misunderstood, feeling used and getting caught up in the noise from the unrelenting chatter made her yearn for solitude, when in the end it was what she needed to soar.

The acoustic were produced by Ziah, JLL and I’otosh and co-signed by In.Digg.Nation Collective, Six Course Music & RCA Records.



Source: Dancehallmag

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