Lila Iké Jumps On Quite Perry’s Carpool Song Association

In a previously taped episode of comedian Quite Perry’s relatively new and budding Carpool Song Association show on YouTube, he featured Lila Iké.

The Reggae sensation joined Perry for a rare, get-to-know Lila car ride full of laughs, singing and a friendly trivia question and answer session, which premiered Sunday April 19th on QuitePerry YouTube channel.

The two went out and about, driving through several communities in the Waterloo area in Kingston to unwrap the cloaking of her celebrity and revealing the person inside.

After a quick exchange of sniffing out each other’s fragrances (hers, the parfum 1989) and buckling in, Perry hit the gas and posed her with the first question.

Who is Lila Iké?

“I’m singer songwriter yuh done know di ting go, I’m signed to Protoje‘s label” she said. Further adding that while she doesn’t like to be boxed into a genre, she would have to concede that her music falls under the category of reggae.

Protoje and Lila announced that they signed a new deal with American label RCA Records and Six Course on Monday (April 13).  On April 16, Lila, whose real name is Alicia Grey, released her first single single with the new label titled, I Spy.

What was it like transitioning to the level of recognition? 

Lila humbly admitted that she felt blessed to be where she is now in her career, but looking back she said, “I moved to Kingston in 2015, since then mi just find any pan a knock, mi deh deh”.

Perry then recalled the first time he witnessed the talent that is Lila Iké, which was during a BBC Radio 1Xtra freestyle series hosted at Rockers International in Orange Street, Downtown Kingston in 2017.

As Lila touched the mic, he said he knew right away ‘dat girl haffi buss’. Even though she confessed to being extremely nervous then, she was able to give a stella freestyle performance because of her love for music that had begun when she was in high school.

They then jumped into a little music; Perry challenged Lila to associate a word with a song for an impromptu sing along. Lila called upon Mavado’s single Father God to complete her first test, followed was a couple songs of her own Second Chance, Where I’m Coming From, then a little freestyle duo, which Perry failed in epic measures.

They had a few silly moments and lots of giggles before moving on to some more questions.

 What’s your relationship with the Most- High?

Having coming from a very religious background where a lot of Christian beliefs where instilled in her, she at some point developed her own views which caused her to not to ascribe to any one religion. Lila went on to say that religion doesn’t matter to her; once you’re a kind and fair person she’s good with that.

More music followed, Perry being a huge fan of Iké cleverly plugged the word ‘inspiration’ that would prompt her to pull from one of her songs again. Lila caught on pretty quickly saying “So you really just brought me on this blog fi come and sing out mi tune dem”, she indulged the comedian with her single Sweet Inspiration.

The soulful singer took the opportunity to give Perry and his viewers some insight about the song. A misconception she wanted to clear up is that the lyrics were regarding God and wasn’t about a man.

They then sang Alaine’s single Rise in LoveShenseea’s ShengYeng AnthemSevana’s Nobody Man, Christopher Martin’s Big Deal as well as Lila’s Biggest Fan, which led to the next question…

What is the relationship like with your mother?

“My mom, she is a very intense lady, you know very strict, I grew up with like limited mobility, couldn’t necessarily go anywhere or anything… ahh I guess I’m not complaining but you know I feel a child needs that space to explore but she has always been like extremely supportive”.

She continued to relay the events that took place when she decided to do music against her mother’s will, practically reciting the lyrics of her song Biggest Fan.

Do you believe that, given what was afforded to her in her time and her era, she was trying her best?

Lila said of course, her mom was a single parent of four girls. She had her older sister when she was still a teenager and sacrificed her youth to be there for her kids.

What is it like working with other women in the industry?

Women in music right now are doing a lot for the culture Lila said, and where they develop audiences it is their responsibility to act accordingly. She drew examples from her relationship with her friends in the business, female up-and-comers Sevana, NaomiJaz Elise as well as Koffee who not only inspire their fans but Lila as well.

She said Sevana is a confident woman; confidence is something she lacked when she started her career. Over time the two would exchange deep conversations where Sevena would have a profound impact on her.

Naomi, she described as a very sweet and genuine person with a bubbly personality and just being around her is always a good vibe. Jaz Elise is one of he most humble persons she has ever met and Koffee she said is just so dope. All these women have influenced and supported her in more ways than one.

She went on further to say, she would love to perhaps do a collab with Shenseea who is on the other side of the fraternity to show people a unity of two female artistes creating and inspiring.

What is your favourite dancehall song?

Lila started spitting some lyrics from a single of dancehall artiste Quada.

What is your favourite Reggae song?

One of her favourite reggae songs besides Garnet Silk’s collection (“he’s like my favourite artiste for sure”) is Queen Ifrica’s single Black Woman, where she bursts out singing the lyrics of the song. “ I feel that song is extremely beautiful, weh she a sing bout is really really dope … I love it, I love songs that have a extremely strong message especially to women” she said.

What’s your favourite pop song?

Arianna Grande’s Side to Side was a favourite between the two (both Perry and Iké). Lila sang the blurry lyrics not knowing all the words but said she loves the song nonetheless because it gave her a good vibe.

What is your favourite R&B song?

Would you consider Sir to be an R&B artiste she asked, however was distracted from elaborating since Perry didn’t know who it was. Then moved on to say “There is this artist called Snoh Aalegra that I really love, she has this song name Situationship”, she started singing the lyrics but again struggled with reciting the lyrics and said she’s better when she is listening to the song.

What is your favourite Soca song?

Destra’s Lucy, again singing out the lyrics to the song.

What is your favourite gospel song?

Lila finished up her carpool song association by singing the intro of her favourite gospel song, however left us without the name.

They concluded their fun-filled sing along trip with a little friendly banter and a quick remind to check out Perry’s YouTube Channel — Check out Quite Perry’s Carpool Song Association with Lila Iké below –

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