LHHATL Star Spice Needs A Personal Assistant And Fans Are Definitely Interested

Spice To Be Crowned ‘Queen of Dancehall’ At Reggae Sumfest
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Yesterday, Queen of Dancehall Spice posted on her Instagram that she needed a full-time personal assistant in Atlanta.

Spice has been traveling back and forth between Jamaica and Atlanta. However, Spice may want to stay in Atlanta for the long term as she just bought a home in the American city. It makes sense since she shoots Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta (LHHATL) from there.

Many comments were from people saying they have applied and are eagerly awaiting a response. A bulk of the comments were people wanting to apply but weren’t in Atlanta and so probably wouldn’t be considered for the job. One fan even joked: “bout to move to Atlanta and apply.  “

One even offered to uproot their whole life to work for Spice: “Me pick me I will relocate my entire team which consist of me & my two daughters just for you @spiceofficial.”

Another dropped their “resume” in the comments: “Well honey. I am definitely qualified for this job. I have my own bicycle and I have my own equipped with Windows 95  I also do taxes, laundry , floors and windows AND I can whip up a mean seafood boil …..BOOM! That’s my resume right thurrr ”

The fans were even offering up their babysitting services: “Do you need a baby sitter for the kids ??? I got you with that now”

Foota Hype was ready for a career change as he commented: “Me me me mi ago live in a u room wid u right ?”

It’s no surprise Spice would need a full-time personal assistant. She has numerous projects, between her kids, music, and LHHATL, she is a YouTuber and a business owner.



Source: Dancehallmag

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