Let the Jamaicans Stay Where They Are

Right now, Jamaicans overseas must stay where they are.

Some of them are bawling and saying the Government should get them here.

Right now, we don’t know their public health status, how many of them have COVID-19 and will spread it to us.

They should know that even travelling by plane, for example, exposes them more to the virus and then they could bring it to us. We must remember that this virus was brought here by Jamaicans from overseas, the first one was just coming to a funeral in Bull Bay area of St Andrew.

The Andrew Holness Government has been doing a good job containing COVID-19, though it took too long to lock down the airports from arriving passengers.

The lockdown was announced days before for the world to know. Every Jamaican overseas could have come in if they wanted. Over 7,000 came in between March 18 and March 23.

We have to protect all those nearly three million Jamaicans here. We love all our brethren and sistren overseas.  But we are a poor country doing our best to take care of those a yaad. Those on the outside should stay where you are for now. You will soon be able to come to a home in Jamaica where COVID-19 is under control. But not now.


By Georgiana White

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