Lesbian Attack in Downtown Montego Bay

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Jamaica News, Montego Bay: Dozens of commuters were sent scuffling for cover, afraid of being injured by a rain of stones which were being hurled by two women along a section of Harbor Street, in downtown Montego Bay, on Wednesday morning, January 16.

Our news team received multiple telephone calls to rush to the scene and upon our arrival, two women were seen scratching at each other, while another bleached teenage girl was noticed sitting on the sidewalk, with tears rolling down her cheek.

u think u a come tek mi woman from mi just like that,” were the words which were belted from the lips of one of the advancing females, followed by a barrage of expletives.

“u wi si if she a fi u, or she a fi mi,” said the other woman, who also spewed a rain of expletives.

As a group of vendors attempted to wrench both women from each other clutches,  we inquired of one of the worn down females, what was the reason behind the fight.

“boss man u blind? u don’t si seh a tek the gal want tek weh mi woman,” she stated, indicating to the younger female who was still crying on the sidewalk.

“any move she a move from yah suh, a mi shi a go home wid,” the woman further stated, while taking up several more large stones, far more than what her palms could hold.

As the sun began to rise in the morning skies, more spectators started to gather at the scene which was now transformed into an arena for gladiators.

“them lesbian yah bright doe,” one man buttered out, while laughing loudly.

“come off the road, and go a unnu yard, bout unnu a fight over woman, worthless,”  shouted a female vendor.

As the morning grew older, both women stood their ground, this time each holding on to the skimpy shorts of the third female.

Minutes later three security guards who are employed to a prominent St James security company drove up to the scene, and upon seeing the commotion, they pulled over and intervened.

It was while both women focused their attention on the security officers, that the third female managed to wrench herself free and jumped into a taxi which plies the Mount Salem to downtown Montego Bay route.

As both female warriors found themselves on the losing end, they then decided to call a truce and they both went on their merry way with the large crowd of spectators laughing at them.

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