Lappa Leng at Them Now

Most of us know him of Sabb, the lyrical DJ who just in 2019 had us moving and shaking to the popular single Serve. A few years later Karl Wallace decided to connect his brand with his label name

Lappa Leng Records and now we no longer know him as Sabb but we know him now as Lappaleng. The official Lappaleng on all platforms.

Based in the UK he has strong roots that tie him to that land of his birth Jamaica and he is now ready to let the world hear his brand new single “Tears” that without a doubt will be positively received not only in Jamaica but worldwide. It’s no secret that our beautiful island is now being ripped apart by crime and violence, causing tears to flow all over. People are crying to hear and receive a song that will bring awareness to the atrocities that’s taking place but also to give us hope that it will get better. Apart from the words being sung, you can freely dance without any guilt of inappropriate words associated. “Tears” can be played in the clubs, the radio, at parties and even in churches.

Lappleng is no stranger to the music industry and has garnered some notoriety with some of his past songs. He is now ready to elevate “Tears” as an anthem that’s needed.

Check out Lappa Leng on all platforms and get to know the artist and his Brand.

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