Video: Lady Ali Advocates for Victims

Jamaica News, March 19, 2018 – Lady Ali Advocates for Victims

Born and grown in St. Mary, Jamaica, but currently residing in the city of New York, Lady Ali’s meditative approach to her lyrical song “Advocate for victims” seeks to acknowledge the prevalent issue of violence against women in all its forms. Her song delineates the physical and verbal abuse that correlates with the psychological trauma that soul seeking women undergo on a regular basis, so much that her song in itself has a definitive reason of being established, which is a clear indication that the hushed voices of these women must be heard and a significant change must be established to quell this ongoing issue.


Lady Ali postulates in her song that “some boy nuh know nothing bout relationships” and correlates this line with their inability of standing straight to urinate, therefore, suggesting that men who generally beat women express such violent actions in order to make up for a lacking physical, personal, as well as, a psychological deficiency. It is through this deficiency, that men procure a way of ascertaining their male dominance by either consciously choosing to verbally abuse their significant other and or physically harming them in order to state their frustrations. She expresses great displeasure to these relationships, as at the very beginning of her song, she compares them to that of a boxing match. This comparison is by no chance a mere coincidence but instead depicts the sheer depth of rage and frustration that fuels these relationships where love, appreciation and understanding should be the primary components. It is these components, that Lady Ali tries to inadvertently invigorate within her female audience, through her message of violence against women.

Overall Lady Ali’s “Advocate for Victims” accomplishes its goal in a truly creative fashion by lending a clear, aggressive and bashful voice to silent women who suffer physical and psychological trauma at the hands of those closest to them. Her poised voice and delivery of the all too true, tragic and relatable lyrics add a revolutionary element to the cries of suffering women all over and in that regard, her message resonates as clear and concise.

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