Kurtiouss Song Do Road

Kurtiouss is at it again with a powerful rhythmic mantra that we all as living, breathing human beings are fighting for our rights to do in these uncertain times. As “Do Road” pounds in our ears on the streets and on the airwaves, it gives a universal excitement that feels almost nostalgic especially in Jamaica.

Kurtiouss’s new song has such a positive vibe that you can’t help but move and free your spirit to the vibes and sounds.
We are now in September, however, I have no doubt that we will be enjoying this soon-to-be anthem going into Christmas and straight into summer 2022.
“Do Road” is one of the singles that can be heard on his 10 Track Album that was produced by LCG Long Chain Global.
Known within the industry as an experienced talent, Kurtiouss is shown respect based on his inspirational way of spreading love through music. A true entertainer, Kurtiouss has so much to offer musically and allowed us to listen to another remarkable single called “TESTIFY”. This speaks to giving none stop thanks even though we are all living in a state of distress globally. Through all this severity, Kurtiouss chooses to take the high road and give thanks for things that we take for granted each day! Things like the air we breathe, needed for us to live.
What can I say! If good music is what you truly desire, make sure you tune in to Kurtiouss. His brand is solid and if you have a need for optimism and positivity! Well, my friends look no further.
Make sure you follow him on all social media platforms and support this creative artist.

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