KSAMC Assisting Constant Spring Market Vendors to Relocate

Jamaica News: Mayor of Kingston and St. Andrew, Senator Councillor Delroy Williams, says every effort is being made to assist vendors at the Constant Spring Market to relocate.

He said they have been encouraged to consider making arrangements to operate in other markets controlled by the Kingston and St. Andrew Municipal Corporation (KSAMC).

“We have been exploring various options… we have said to them that there are spaces at Stony Hill Market… there are spaces in the other markets that we own (such as) Papine, Coronation (and) Cross Roads,” he said, noting that some vendors are making their own arrangements.

Mr. Williams was the main speaker at the Shortwood Seventh-day Adventist (SDA) Church’s community guest day event recently.

He informed that the KSAMC has had several meetings with the vendors to discuss the Constant Spring Road expansion plan.

“We have been outlining the fact that the Government has asked that we sell the market to them for the purpose of the road widening. We have been taking steps in terms of the process to sell, while at the same time, trying to maximise the time that the vendors stay at the market, so we haven’t even issued the vendors a notice yet to leave the market,” he pointed out.

Mr. Williams noted further that no authorisation has been given to demolish the market and remove the vendors.

“We have not issued any notice for demolition. We have been very clear that the market must not be demolished unless clear authorisation is given by the Council. We have not given that authorisation. We understand the concerns of the vendors. We feel their concerns and we understand that it’s their livelihood, so we have been taking our time… to deal with the issue,” he pointed out.

The National Works Agency (NWA) has commenced a major road upgrading project along Constant Spring Road to accommodate four lanes of traffic, new traffic management solutions and improved pedestrian facilities.

The project will include improvements where Constant Spring Road intersects with Red Hills Road, West King’s House Road, Dunrobin Avenue, Shortwood Road, West Avenue and Oaklands, Immaculate Conception and Constant Spring Tax Office, and Olivier Road.

There will be new signalised intersections where Constant Spring Road intersects with Mannings Hill Road, Constant Spring Terrace and Hillman Road, Clifton Boulevard, Manor Centre, Manor Park circulation, Stilwell Road and Long Lane.

Central Avenue will become a one-way corridor, and a temporary bridge will be created within the Manor Park circulation.


Source: JIS News

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