Kranium Shoots His Shot At Yanique Curvy Diva, And She Responds

It seems love is in the air, at least for dancehall star Kranium, who has made his feelings public about wanting to be with Yanique Curvy Diva, apparently for a second time.

Kranium made the revelation while on Instagram Live with the sultry Yanique, who blushed several times during their conversation this week but managed to maintain her composure.

Kranium said that his feelings were so strong that he was even willing to fly to Jamaica to work things out with her. It seems the two are familiar with each other as he described scenes that only a partner would know.

He even spoke about not wanting to eat a shrimp and rice dinner she had prepared for him for fear of being “tied.” [getting himself hooked]

“Mi want a chance fi fix tings wid us. I have an American passport and a Jamaican passport, I long to see you,” he said.

He went on to describe how starstruck he felt the first time he met her, which was in the parking lot of Pegasus Hotel in Kingston following his hugely successful 2015 hit Nobody Has To Know.

“I’ve been watching you for a long time, mi just did fraid fi talk to you,” he said. “The first time mi meet Curvy Diva she style mi. I met you walking in the parking lot and I was so starstruck…”

He used the opportunity to describe his plan for their life together if given the chance.

“We’re gonna move in together, we’re gonna have a wonderful life, we’re gonna help each other, go to studio together, help each other record, tell each other the truth about what record is right, what business we should be investing in,” he said.

“We’re gonna share stories about each other’s tours, we’re gonna talk about how great each other’s night was…everything. You’re gonna give me financial advice, we’re gonna do fun stuff together…go the park together, picnic…I feel like there’s not a lot of people I can talk to that talk to me like how you talk to me… and I think that you’re a very smart person and there’s so much advice that you can give me to help me to become a better man,” he added.

She entertained his proposal before informing him that for it to work, she would need more of a commitment than that.

“All a dat sound nice, I want marriage, I want a child…yuh never mention nuh marriage, yuh skip round it. Yuh waan me to shack up wid yuh?” she asked.

Kranium seemed serious about his feelings towards her as he again recalled that she didn’t really pay him any attention in the early days.

“After mi a watch Yanique how long pon Magnum Kings and Queens… mi nuh know wah fly inna my head fi feel mi have leverage now… And the f**k up thing is, a no like Yanique a walk wid a man enuh, Yanique a walk by herself. Yanique, yuh deven look enuh.”

Since their first meeting, their paths have crossed quite a few times and the Curvy Diva was actually his love interest in his music video for Last Night, released in 2018.

We’ll just have to wait and see what happens between the two when they talk off of social media but one thing is for sure Kranium is willing and able and doesn’t care who knows about his feelings.

“I don’t give a f–k weh people waan fi seh. A nuh like a monkey mi a try talk. Yuh nuh see a good, pretty, bloodcl–t girl mi a try talk to?.. A nuh like seh yaa f–k wid some whacka– nigga… so you good, you safe. I’m different from all the rest…”, he said.

Kranium’s Gal Policy (remix) with another sultry diva, Tiwa Savage, has been a fan favorite since its release on June 11.   Meanwhile, Yanique has teased new music since her return to Instagram.  Maybe, they should get together for a collab and see where things go from there.

Watch more of their Live below.


Source: Dancehallmag

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