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Kranium Goes Uncut on “The Fix”


In a recent interview with The Fix, singjay Kranium went hardcore and open on the topic of sex. In one of the raunchiest local interview we have seen in ages, the ‘Nobody No Affi Know’ singer discussed promiscuity in its wildest fashion.

The most shocking statement and what we would call the ‘highlight’ of the interview is the artist admitting to having sex with a woman at a house shared by her and her companion. What makes it even more shocking is the fact that he claims he used their face towel to wipe his private parts after sex.


Some fans are describing him as ‘real’ and ‘honest’ while others are upset at his realness. The singer also made mention of the old Jamaican myth, ‘saltness’.

He described it as the 24 hour rule, stating that if a Jamaican man has sex with a girl and incur any form of ‘bad luck’ with in 24 hours after the act, he’ll blame it on her stating “Da gyal deh salt”. If you haven’t seen the interview then please click the link below.

BY Errol Wright – News Reporter

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