Konshens’ Wife Latoya Responds To Forex ‘Scamming’ Allegations

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The wife of Dancehall Artiste Konshens, Latoya Spence (nee Wright), has responded to claims made by a woman who has alleged that she and her ‘teammates’ were scammed of their money.

The woman who identified herself as Natalia Noel, also known as Tally, said she was “sold an empty dream, an empty promise” by Spence (@latts), who is a well-known Forex Trader, operating between Jamaica and Florida where she resides.

The woman claims Spence took money from her teammates, money she says she could have used for her kids. “You’re a scam artist and I’m gonna make sure the world find out about you. I’m gonna make sure the world find out about you,” Noel said in one video.

Noel said she was born and raised in Grenada, and they weren’t rich.  She claims Spence sold her a dream but turned around and scammed her out of her money. “My hard earned money. I haven’t worked since March and you turn around and I told you this exact same thing and you turn around and took my money, you turn around and took my friends money  too, you scammed them out just the same, you sold them an empty dream.”

“What you did today and the past couple weeks is the lowest of lows,” the woman ranted. In several hour-long videos, Noel said “You lying on the people call every night and lie to the people and make they sign up with you and take they hard $235 inna corona time, you using corona as an excuse to make people sign up and make empty promises.”

Noel also invited another person to join the Live, who alleged that after dealing with latts, she was “left bruk”.

“She said you’ll make money you not making money, she said she’ll be there to mentor you, she not there to mentor you, she take your money and run with it. All the people run up behind her they are doing the same thing,” the caller said.

Noel said the purpose of her Live was to warn people to stay from Spence because many people lost money after doing business with her.

Another caller to the Live said she had to chase after Latts for a month. “You have so many people trading, but you don’t know how to trade. You have to be honest, be transparent. Say hey, I’m not a trader, I joined this opportunity on the business spectrum of it, however, I have this I have that or IML have educators or whatever… you don’t even trade.”

The woman, however, said that IML is a great platform, and she warned that people should choose wisely who they pick to trade because if someone doesn’t know how to trade, they’ll lose their money. Latts, she said, doesn’t know how to trade. She added that she lost a total of US$759 ($234 plus $175 for three months each).

Konshens’ wife spared no time in responding and shared a video where she explains what “we (forex traders) do and what happened with a certain group of individuals.”

Latoya Spence-Wright

Spence says the persons left her organization then lashed out at her yesterday but did not share any details into what caused the relationship to sour or what Noel’s grouse was about. Instead, she turned the supposed explanation into an unapologetic stance; only disclosing that the problem in question arises from an academy called IML, which does forex trading.

“Pretty much the platform is IML academy. This is a forex market, foreign exchange.” Spence continued that she received an introduction to the forex market last year and she immediately jumped on the opportunity.

She said it was the best decision she ever made but she also had bumps in the road. “This is how success is it’s not going to be smooth sailing, not listening to my mentor, I could have thrown in the towel and say oh this doesn’t work, it all depends on your mindset guys, your mindset and if you are teachable and coachable. This is a 7.6 trillion dollar market, it’s not a $100 per day market.”

Latts proceeded to defend herself and her business despite the “noise” in the media. “I’m confident about myself and what I’m doing and two, this opportunity and IM, I will go to bat for this platform because I know the value it brings to people’s life. I had people messaging me and called my phone crying after they joined the opportunity and saying oh I was suicidal…”

“I have people who have cancer who basically say this has changed their whole life…We are literally impacting people’s life. I’m not going to allow a handful of 15, 17, 20 individuals shake me or shake this opportunity. I’m going to continue presenting it to individuals and to the world because I know the impact.”

One observer to the drama commented, “the forex market is not a scam. This IML Academy though, seems to be a pyramid scheme similar to things like world ventures, etc where you have to recruit people to sign up and you’re supposed to make residual income from those people and people they recruit, etc.”

They continued, “If you want to learn the business or get into trading, babypips.com is a good site to start learning and if you don’t want to do it yourself, there are professionals who can do it for you. Forex is not a get rich quick scheme…anyone who is interested can go to forex.com and sign up for a demo account where you can practice trading using real time data and actual charts… don’t let people sell you a get rich quick scheme in forex caz it’s not.”

Another commenter, however, sided with Latts, saying that the women need to understand the risks they are undertaking with forex trading, which can go to a win or a loss.
Source: Dancehallmag
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