Konshens Unbothered By Roasting Of His Suit And “Jesus Slippers”

Dancehall artiste Konshens recently went out of his way to show followers who teased him mercilessly about his outlandish attire in two Instagram posts, that he remains unruffled by their jeers.

In the first contentious post, which he made on Mothers Day (May 10), the I’m Coming artiste had uploaded several photos of himself, in a business suit with no undershirt, and sporting leather sandals, whilst chilling with his compatriots, fellow stars Gyptian, Kemar Highcon and Dexta Daps.

Konshens’ second post featured another set of pics of himself in the same garb, which appear to have been taken on stage during a Mother’s Day Event called For Mothers & Others.

Konshens, Kemar Highcon, Dexta Daps, and Gyptian (from left to right)
The comments ranged from women asking him whether he was wearing Bridget Sandals and men claiming that he looked effeminate.

“You and Jesus buy slippers at the same store? Confusing outfit, look like Jesus with his disciples,” one woman wrote. Another follower, Kylie Smith outright condemned the artiste, noting: “Dat outfit thou, weh Konshens have nuh look str888. Guess him inna the fish tank now.”

However there were some followers that came to his defense, including some swooning female fans who posted salacious comments about his physique.  “Wear what you like. You can afford it. Haters can only buy cheap words,” mr_sauceke said, while taylorsashae posted: “Yuh body look sturdy ina yuh suit deh doe. OMG, not to mention d chest…”

In demonstrating that he was unperturbed and having the last laugh, Konshens posted a photo of himself relaxing in a sofa, looking at his smartphone which he captioned: “How I look reading the comments about my suit and Jesus slippers”.  Though, he did add a sad emoji.

Konshens is not new to being criticized for sporting risqué and controversial modes of dress. Last year the artiste was ridiculed for weeks by his nemesis I-Octane, after he pierced his nostril and began sporting a nose-ring.

Octane also made a mockery of the artiste after he posted photographs sporting an androgynous dress style, during a video shoot. Octane and other critics had lampooned the artiste for wearing what they claimed was a blouse and a choker.


Source: Dancehallmag

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