Konshens Claps Back At ‘Over Righteous’ Fans After Criticism Of Upcoming Video

Dancehall artiste Konshens had a mouthful to say about fans who called out the upcoming music video for his single Backaz for its suggestive content.

The artiste has been teasing the new video for the song, which was released in March on the Incredible Riddim.  The video appears to feature scantily clad women delivering raunchy dance moves and innuendo, including the use of popsicles as props.

It’s unclear which fans criticized the artiste and the production. Still, it’s not surprising given the current discussions around the vulgarity in music following the release of WAP by Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion, and its Dancehall remixes by Vybz Kartel and Ishawna last week.

Charly Black’s video for his song, Sidungwhich also appears on the Incredible Riddim, had the same criticism leveled against it for its content.  However, the video’s female models and exotic set appear to have been a significant factor that resulted in it amassing over 15 million views on YouTube since it was released just one month ago.  So much was the response to Sidung, that Black has since had to refute other criticism that he ‘bought views’ for the video.

Konshens appears to be looking for the same success with Backaz that Black achieved with Sidung, as the two artistes share a very similar fanbase worldwide, especially in Latin America, Africa, and the Middle East.

In one Instagram clip shared by Konshens, last Friday, two women can be seen in an inflatable pool with one dripping soapy water on the voluptuous butt of the other. Konshens, who is outside of the pool, playfully drapes his hand against the soaped up female’s face as she focuses her attention on him.

In another promotional post on Saturday, Konshens can be seen holding a red popsicle that Dancehall dancer and choreographer, Chinny Unique, grabs and stuffs into her mouth, before showing off her other impressive skills.

Yesterday, the singer also shared the talents of the dancer, Sara Bendii, to further tease the video’s release.

Some factions of Dancehall have called out the raunchy music for going to another extreme where oral sex is now promoted without reservations. Dancehall has always been a shock value space where sex, daggering, and other topics considered taboo in Jamaican society has been explored in the form of dance and music.

But Konshens is pushing back against his critics.

In an Instagram Story, yesterday, the deejay criticized fans for not supporting his non-sexual projects but having an opinion when he makes ‘raw’ music.

“My favs are the over righteous so-called ‘Konshens fans’ who complain about sexuality and rawness in my music yet don’t even know that I released 2 REGGAE SONGS ON THE SAME RIDDIM bout 2 weeks ago,” he wrote.

The artiste had some choice words for his critics as he ended the post by saying, “unnu know unnu can go chuck off inna unnu mumma and low mi right?”

The two reggae songs were Love Is Here and Bad Man Heart on the Between The Lines Riddim by ZJ Chrome’s CR203 records. The release debuted No. 11 on Billboard Reggae music charts last month and features of Chris Martin, Ce’Cile, Busy Signal, Romain Virgo, I Octane, and Padrino.

Konshens is not new to sexy songs and has belted out many hits such as Bruk Off Yuh BackGal Dem SugarGal A Bubbleand Turn Me On.


Source: Dancehallmag

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