Koffee Talks Tour, Collaboration, Making Obama’s Playlist on “Nick Cannon Mornings”

Latest Entertainment News [ Mckoy’s News ] Nineteen-year-old Reggae/Dancehall artiste, Koffee, has been making major international moves as she was a guest on a popular Radio station, Power 106FM, on the programme “Nick Cannon Mornings,” recently.  Koffee was introduced by the American superstar and radio host Nick Cannon as the “young boss in Reggae/Dancehall” to which he’s marveled at how ‘she really held her own.’

“You are truly special when it comes on to Reggae and Dancehall. You are a movement; you are a fixture,” Cannon admirably express.

The young “Toast” artiste has been using her position she manages to maintain so well, in this competitive music industry to skyrocket her career. In the 15 minutes interview with Cannon which was posted on his YouTube channel, Koffee reveals that she is currently touring with singer Daniel Caesar. She expresses gratitude towards being a part of his Caesar’s journey and describes it as a “great tour” thus far.

Cannon in questioning Koffee’s upcoming and current projects directly asked for her to do a collaboration with him to which she seemed to unintentionally brushed aside when she replied; “I am looking forward to working with quite a few people like Burna Boy, Kendrick Lamar, French Montana.

Nick immediately picked up on it and joking jabbed at her saying “You see how she just grazed working with me; it’s just like forget that: I need Burna; I need Kendrick,” he laughed as he teased her. Koffee laughingly replied “No man, come on, you’re right here with me. This link already set I should hope;” they both laughed as Cannon agreed on the collaboration being confirmed.

The very humble yet vibrant teen wowed many fans when she was featured on Barack Obama’s Summer Playlist to which she humbly responded when asked how she felt about that.

“It’s a pleasure you know, I feel very proud because he is a figure that we’ve always looked up to as I think, black people, especially even from Jamaica. So a very proud moment for me;” says Koffee.

Nick Cannon who is also an actor and rapper had gained some personal experience in Jamaica to which he used to his advantage in bragging about his involvement with the people, culture and food in Jamaica. His first visit to Jamaica was to produce a film titled ‘King of the Dancehall’ which was set and shot on the island in 2014.

“I spent a little time down there in JA. You know, like I did a movie down there, so I got a chance to vibe with the people a lot. And to me, it always seems to be just positive vibes; that’s how you think of Jamaica. I feel like I could live down there one day…because it’s just all love and all the people are alike;” says the actor.

As it relates to Jamaican’s fashion trends and styles Cannon confesses being a copycat, among other international artistes whose fashion inspiration secrets he probably leaked.

“In speaking of things that Jamaica also represents, one is your style. We (Americans) steal it; we steal from the music to the fashion. It has always been that way, everyone from Beyonce to Rihanna, to whomever. Music has always borrowed from the Caribbean vibes and right now your sound, even with your record Toast, it’s just like it’s breaking through in a way that people want that sound;” Cannon deeply express.

Also, earlier in the interview where Koffee responded “this link is already set” to his collaboration request, triggered the rapper to express how enthused he is by the Jamaican accent, jargons, overall vocabulary and slangs that he said are mostly coined by dancehall artistes. In remembering the mishaps he had trying to learn Jamaican patois, he quickly ruled out the idea of Koffee teaching him how to do so again, as he knew this would be a mission impossible. Instead, Cannon suggests that Koffee inform the viewers of some “new hot phrases we should know…so I can sound cool when I speak to my friends from JA.”

“Suh wi seh ‘Braff’ which means to brag and showoff, it just means floss…‘chop-chop,’ which means get the job done, so it’s like you grinding…[and]‘trouble deh-deh,’ so [it means] if he comes out looking too fire, you’re gonna be like yow this outfit is too hot, trouble deh-deh…” Koffee explains.

Cannon seemed to have great fun learning these new terminologies and even used them in sentences, while stating that his favourite slang, while he was in Jamaica, was “being called a ‘General’.”

Viewers on the YouTube channel and listeners of the Radio 96FM programme could also hear and feel the synergy and great vibe coming from the studio, the way in which Cannon expresses his love for Jamaica and its cuisine to Koffee.

“You know where one of my favorite restaurants is in the world? It’s in Jamaica, at Helshire Beach. Screechies. Way up. For real, for real, the best lobster I have ever had in my life. The way they prepared it…they got the little man walking down the beach with the cotton candy, ginger beer… that’s why I love Jamaica and it’s all about the fruit. The fruit tastes better down there;” he reminisced.

In closing the interview, Cannon allowed the listeners and fans to know a little more about the relaxed side of Koffee; her greatest fear, favourite movie, restaurant, best and worst advice she ever received and the greatest advice she has for her generation.

“Positivity goes a long way…just get up every day and try one [positive] thing, it turns into another thing and then it gets bigger, it becomes a part of your systematic way of thinking;” Koffee replies.


Natasha Williams – Writer


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