Koffee Reveals She Intends To Get A College Education

Koffee is now one of the most successful women and artistes in Dancehall and reggae as she flawlessly transitioned her success from 2019 into this year but this is not enough for the Grammy-winning superstar.

She has big plans of not only dominating music in the near future but intends to get a solid education to go along with it.

Koffee, whose real name is Mikayla Simpson, revealed some of the details of her master plan for her life following a live stream performance on Facebook for Malta Jamaica. Before she responded to the Q&A segment set up by Malta she gave a scintillating acoustic performance of some of her hits including ToastRapture and W.

Her ambitions to pursue a higher education may come as a surprise to many as since her career has gone global she’s accomplished quite a lot including becoming the youngest and first Jamaican female to win a Grammy award for Best Reggae Album.

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Koffee with her Grammy Award

Koffee is also signed with Columbia Records UK, which means in essence, her financial future is set as long as she keeps dominating the airwaves which has become second nature for the 20-year-old. Koffee explained that she graduated from Jamaica’s Ardenne High School in 2017 and feels it’s only sensible that she gets a college degree.

“I left high school at 17 and started doing music so I never went to college or anything but I graduated high school. I definitely think continuing your education is a good idea so in any way I can, by studying music or just any little thing where mi can get a degree, I think would be good and I’ll definitely aim to do that,” she said.

Not surprisingly her favorite subject in school was the English Language.

As the questions kept popping in she disclosed that her favourite fashion brand is Nike and that her favorite song is one by dancehall artiste Skillibeng, even though she didn’t reveal which one.

“A one a dem Skillibeng song deh, just listen to all of dem man…I won’t say,” she said.

Another surprising detail that she revealed was that she studied sciences in high school and if she wasn’t successful as a musician she may have been a pharmacist.

It’s a good thing that her tribute to retired Olympic sprinter Usain Bolt, Legend, went viral or else Dancehall would have sorely lacked her immense talent.

“In high school, I took up the three sciences and I was gonna be a pharmacist so yes I was saved by (music),” she said jokingly.

Another interesting talent that the songstress revealed was that she’s good with hands and toes. She described her ability for doing manicures and pedicures as a secret talent.

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Grammy Winner Koffee with Jamaican Prime Minister Andrew Holness.

“I run a full-on nail salon; I’ve been doing hands and toes. Weh di people weh fi give the testimonials deh?” she asked again jovially. In fact she playfully added that it just might be her source of income now that Jamaica is in quarantine.

“Big, big tings a gwaan man, so now inna di quarantine and when yuh nail salon close and dem nuh waan… just link me,” she said.

As has become the norm with Koffee she maintained her poise throughout the interview and this time she showed her more playful side as she opened up to her fans.


Source: Dancehallmag


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