Knavi Ready To Get Back in Music Hot Again

A few years ago before the Coronavirus outbreak, Nayvan Williams was on the verge of breaking out as the next big artiste from out of the western side of the Island. Using the stage name “Knavi” with several popular songs to his credit, the past two years things were on a down low, due to the virus which helped also to cripple the entertainment sector. But for the latter part of this year, he has plans on making a late return on the music scene with some of his latest projects.
Over the years,  the song “Twelve 12 Signs” made him a household name in Jamaica, while getting several hundred thousand views on YouTube. However, for the latter part of 2021, he plans on promoting his latest releases, “Grateful” and “Cha La La”. Also, to complement his promotions are five music videos.
Williams was just taking a break from the music scene to build his studio  “Knave Enterprise”.  “It will make me more equipped to do my own recordings. Giving more easy access to a studio,”  said Knavi, who hails from Montego Bay.
A Former past student of Ruseas High School in Hanover, he hopes to make it on the international circuit as an entertainer within the next two years.

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