Knavi Ikon Visits Hopewell High School on 4H Day

Jamaica Entertainment News, Hanover: Fast-rising Montego Bay-born entertainer Knavi Ikon was a hit among students at the Hopewell High school in Hanover on Wednesday, March 13.

The school was having their annual 4H Day celebration where he passed through and issued some of his promotional CDs and promotional photographs. Knavi took photos with some of his fans who knew him from YouTube and Facebook.

Knavi Ikon and 4H Students from Hopewell High

In recent times, Knavi Ikon has been getting a big buzz in the music circles with his big song “12 Signs” which has reached 300,030 views on YouTube. His follow-up song entitled “Lights Out”, seems that it may surpass the viewership of “12 signs”.

At Hopewell High, he got a tour of the school compound by pageant co-ordinator Miss Harvey.The children also expressed a desire for him to be on the Miss Hopewell pageant.

Knavi Ikon
Miss Harvey, teacher at the Hopewell High school shows Knavii Ikon an item that was on display at the school’s 4H day celebration

Other songs for him over the years are,’We Have Nuff Gal”, “Paid In Full”, ‘Chop Jelly”, ‘Street Knowledge” and “Sexy Moan”.

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