Kingston West Police List Persons Of Interest

Lawmen assigned to the Kingston West Division have listed several individuals as Persons of Interest as the police investigate the recent surge of gang violence in the Angola, Pegasus and Zimbabwe communities of Arnett Gardens, Kingston 12.

These pesons are to report to the Denham Town Police Station by midday on Wednesday, September 15.

The Persons of Interest are as follows:

  • Damani Taylor, otherwise called ‘Hitchi Pang’
  • Kearon Angus, otherwise called ‘Kadulla or Dula’
  • Dave Gordon, otherwise called ‘Gubel’
  • Stewart Burton, otherwise called ‘Bing’
  • Shadane McKenzie, otherwise called ‘Philippine or Murphy’

The following persons are known only by their aliases:

  • ‘Kem’
  • ‘Nigel’
  • ‘Adums’
  • ‘Tegi’
  • ‘Troubles’
  • ‘Grants Pen’
  • ‘Kevin Blacks’
  • ‘Brandon’
  • ‘Chu Chu or Barrington Peter Cooper’

Anyone knowing the whereabouts of these individuals is asked to contact the Denham Town Police at 876-922-6441 or Superintendent of Police Michael Phipps at 876-285-1964.

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