King Alarm Fires Female Security Guard involved in Dispute with Businessman in Shooting Incident in Kingston 

Jamaica Crime News, Kingston: Our news team has been reliably informed that, the management at Kings Alarm Security Company in Kingston, has now fired a second security guard, who was caught on camera slapping a businessman during the shooting incident at an apartment in Kingston two weeks ago.

He is the second security guard to be fired by Kings Alarm in connection to the incident.  Just under a week ago,  a female security guard who was seen behaving in a most disrespectful manner at the scene, was also terminated.

King Alarm Fires Female Security Guard Involved in Dispute with Businessman in Shooting Incident in Kingston

We have also been informed that the Management at King Alarm has suspended the security Supervisor who was in charge of the team during the incident.

The most recent security officer whose employment was terminated was caught on camera stepping in the face of Real Estate manager, Andrew Woolery, has been forced to acquire the services of a lawyer.  He has now filed an appeal to his company,  which the management says will be reviewed at a later date.

Also, Andrew Woolery,  the licensed firearm holder who was forced to shoot an alleged plainclothes security guard during an altercation at Braemar Estate in St Andrew, was recently questioned by the police in the presence of his lawyer  Peter Champagnie.

In the meanwhile, the  Private Security Regulation Authority of Jamaica is still carrying out an investigation into the actions of five uniformed security guards who were caught on camera, involved in a physical confrontation with Mr Woolery in Kingston last Monday.

Following the incident,  the Authority sent a request to the manager of Kings Alarm for a detailed report of the incident.  The Authority also made a request to the Management at  King Alarm Security Company,  that the five security officers who were involved in the physical attack on Woolery be relieved of their duties.

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