KFC, Pizza Hut to Cut Staff

KFC and Pizza Hut are to cut staff, as the company that runs them in Jamaica says sales are down by some 50 percent, because of COVID-19

Restaurants of Jamaica (ROJ) runs the two fast food companies in Jamaica and says these are challenging times but worse may be ahead. CEO Mark Myers says that it is with a “very heavy heart” that he has to announce the upcoming staff cuts, due to the “unexpected prolonging “ of the COVID-19 pandemic.

In a social media post, he did not say how many people would be laid off but told the company’s customers and staff “we will have to do some layoffs.”

Mr. Myers says, in the last few weeks the number of customers in the restaurants has gone down by about half and revenues have declined. ROJ is, therefore, cutting expenses in all areas.

He said the company will have consultations next week, apparently ahead of announcements of details of the cuts.

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