Kevin Heath sends message of hope with latest track

Gospel artiste Kevin Heath is coming through with a message of inspiration in his latest track, Watch The Finish.

“It’s not about how you start the race, but how you finish. So, even if you fall down multiple times, you have to get up and try again and remember your goal,” he told McKoy’s News.

The song was originally released in 2018, but its accompanying music video was released a week ago. It was produced by Jermaine Edwards.

Heath is also known for songs like I’m above, Call me Crazy, Say a Prayer for the Bad Guy and Thank you, Mom.

The gospel artiste had a very rough life growing up. He lived on the streets from as early as 12-years-old and never attended high school. He however says his story is one of inspiration.

“My lyrics are about the things that I went through and the mistakes that I made. That’s why I said before, people must ‘watch the finish’ and don’t look at the current circumstances. Everybody I talk to they tell me that I’m inspirational and they’re usually so surprised that I went through all those hardships,” he said.

Heath is a father of two boys ages 13 and four, and a husband for 15 years. He says his harsh upbringing has helped him to be a good father.

“When it comes to parenting, I look at all the things that I lacked while growing up and try to provide it for my sons,” he told us.

The artiste who has been in the industry for eight years has shared the stage with international acts like Kirk Franklin and Hezekiah Walker, as well as popular Jamaican artistes like Kevin Downswell, Papa San and Jermaine Edwards.

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