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The Father of Kern Spencer, former Member of Parliament was Shot

Kern Spencer Dwaine Spencer Father Shot

Jamaica News, January 25, 2018

St Elizabeth, Jamaica (Mckoy’s News) – Mckoy’s News received a report that the father of Kern Spencer (former PNP member of parliament for St. Elizabeth North-Eastern) was shot in St. Elizabeth on Wednesday night, January 24.

Full details have not yet been released to our newsroom in this news matter.

Mckoy’s News was briefed that at about some time after 9 p.m. last night, the father of Kern Spencer, former People’s National Party Member of Parliament was shot in St Elizabeth.

Kern and his brother Dwaine Spencer are community advocates in the parish.

The Spencer family has been prominent community figures in St Elizabeth for many years, where Dwaine and Kern were born and raised.

In 2008 Spencer, then Junior Energy Minister, parent’s house was searched as authorities looked for 76,380 of four million, missing Cuban light bulbs, costing approximately $92 million.

Kern was arrested and charged in 2008 in connection with the lightbulbs, but acquitted in 2014.

Full details will follow.

Photo Unrelated, Kern and Dwaine Spencer in St Elizabeth comforting a family.

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