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Keith Schiller: Former Bodyguard Says Russian Offered To Send Women To Trump’s Moscow Hotel Room

Keith Schiller: The existence of the famed Russian “pee tape” may remain shrouded in mystery, but a former bodyguard for President Donald Trump reportedly has confirmed Trump was given the opportunity to host five women in his Moscow hotel room in 2013.

Former director of Oval Office relations Keith Schiller relayed the account in an interview with Congress this week, three sources present for the questioning told NBC News. Before the 2013 Miss Universe Pageant ― which was owned by Trump at the time and took place in Moscow that year ― a Russian participant offered to “send five women” to Trump’s hotel room, Schiller reportedly said.

Schiller, thinking the offer was a joke, responded, “We don’t do that type of stuff,” two of the sources told NBC. He discussed the conversation with Trump while walking him to his hotel room that night and they both laughed about it before Trump went to bed alone, two of the sources also said. 

Though Schiller testified he stood outside Trump’s room for an unspecified amount of time before also going to bed, one of the sources noted Schiller “could not say for sure what happened during the remainder of the night,” according to NBC. 

Schiller’s comments came as he disputed allegations contained in the dossier compiled by former British spy Christopher Steele and released earlier this year.

The most salacious allegation contends that while staying at the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Moscow, Trump employed a number of Russian prostitutes to perform a “golden shower” ― slang for a sex act involving urine ― on the bed where he knew President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama had once slept. One of the sources Steele cited in the dossier believes the incident also occurred in 2013.

Trump has vehemently denied the validity of the dossier’s claims. Reports emerged last month that special counsel Robert Mueller, the former FBI director investigating possible connections between Russian officials and Trump’s campaign team, was looking into the dossier as part of his investigation. 

  • This article originally appeared on HuffPost.

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