KC quarter-miler sign to University of Maryland

The Kingston College (KC) Kobe Simpson will be attending the University of Maryland this autumn. Simpson, formerly of Manchester High School a quarter-miler specialist who was six in the 400 meters final at eh 2019 edition of the ISSA/GraceKennedy Boys’ and Girls’ Athletics Championships.

The quarter-miller and the North Street-based team was heading into their defence of Champs title before the coronavirus pandemic cancelled the event in March.

Simpson, secured a scholarship to The University of Maryland, will join former KC athletes Dashawn Morris, the 2018 Champs Class One 400m champion, and half-miler Colin Rowe, who are both in their second year.

Simpson’s who turned 19 in February of this year scholarship came despite limited funding and other resources for new recruits at this time.


By: News Reporter

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