Kartel is more popular than Holness, Phillips. 

Jamaica News: Kartel is more popular than Holness, Phillips.
1. With the Kartel appeal on in earnest, the hills, the valleys, the corner shops and the bars in Jamaica have begun to sprout ‘ the most expert’ village lawyers.
2. All of this week his fans and his admirers have been ardently following media reports about key elements and arguments in the appeal and, to their way of seeing it, ‘Kartel soon come a road.’
3. ‘Missa Wignall is all about business,’ said a man I have known for five years who admits to committing criminality abroad, and being deported.
4. ‘ Jamaica’s biggest business is tourism and entertainment, dances all over di place. To keep Kartel locked away is to keep whole heap a business locked down. If Kartel get free now, the entertainment business open up again and nuff people inna ghetto a go start mek money.’
5. I must confess that I did not think of it that way. Personally, I can do without the music of Kartel. It grits my sensibilities. But, if prime minister Holness and Peter Phillips was in the minds on and the lips of Jamaicans as Kartel has been this week, they would both be winners.
6. Tough act to follow.
Source: Facebook Post By Mark Wignall

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