Kamina Johnson-Smith: Citizens Will Not Be Denied Crucial Services

(Mckoys News)- Kamina Johnson-Smith: Citizens Will Not Be Denied Crucial Services: After discussing clause 41 yesterday in a parliamentary meeting as it relates to the National Identification and Registration Act.

Clause 41 states that a public body shall require registered individuals to submit the National Identification number assigned to them or their ID card, to facilitate the delivery of goods and services by the public body.

The Opposition explained that there could be persons who have not registered ,but need services from the government,  which might include services like Naturalization or dual citizenship issues, and as such ,the opposition senators insisted they could not support the provision.

Opposition senator K .D Knight, said he believes the public should be allowed discretion when being provided with services.

Senator Kamina Johnson-Smith ,who is leader of government business, said this could lead to corruption, and pointed out that it doesn’t mean to deny citizens access to crucial services such as health. She also suggested that the Bill could be revised after 18 months.

The Senate chose to review the clauses of the Bill, despite the opposition having called for the meeting to be adjourned.

Contributed by Mikayla Simpson

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