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Justin Bieber defends claim he can beat Tom Cruise in a fight


Beauty and the Beat-down?

Don’t give up hope of seeing a Justin Bieber vs. Tom Cruise UFC bout just yet. In Wednesday’s episode of “Carpool Karaoke” on “The Late Late Show,” Bieber doubled down on his claim that he could wallop the 57-year-old “Mission: Impossible” star in a fight.

At first, the “Beauty and a Beat” singer, 25, told host James Corden, that he was “just being stupid” when he infamously challenged Cruise to a mixed martial arts fight via Twitter last year.

The 5-foot-9 crooner said he did a 180 on his previous statement after people reportedly, “wanted to see this happen,” adding “yeah, this could actually be funny.”

Later in the clip, Bieber playfully proclaims, “I’m dangerous.”

However, it seems Corden, 41, isn’t a Belieber in the pop star’s fighting prowess: “I don’t think it would be much fun for you,” scoffed the skeptical talk show host. “I think if me and you have a fight, you win. I think if you and Tom have a fight, I back Tom every day of the week.”

“Absolutely not,” retorted a defiant Bieber, adding that Cruise is “not the guy you see in movies — that’s a character.”

“Work your way up to Tom Cruise,” snarks the naysaying comedian. “Do me, then Zach Braff, then do Tom Cruise.” Corden’s sentiment seems to be shared by many social-media fight fans, who think beating Cruise would be a “mission impossible.”

“Not only is Tom Cruise an unbeatable machine of strength and speed, he’s also insane and completely undeterred by the fear of death. Good luck, Justin,” tweeted @dc_connections.

As far-fetched as it sounds, a Bieber-Cruise UFC match isn’t totally out of the realm of possibility. “Listen, if I can make that fight, I’d be all over that fight,” UFC President Dana White told Hashtag Sports last year. “It’d be the biggest pay-per-view in the history of pay-per-view.”

White’s not just blowing smoke. He famously sanctioned two bouts featuring WWE star Phil “CM Punk” Brooks, both of which Punk ended up losing spectacularly.


Source: New York Post

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