Justice Ministry Concludes 2019 JPs Sensitization Series

Jamaica News: The Ministry of Justice, on Friday (December 13), concluded the 2019 series of sensitization sessions for Justices of the Peace (JP), with the final forum at the AC Marriott Hotel in Kingston.

Portfolio Minister, Hon. Delroy Chuck, who spoke at Friday’s session, underscored the importance of the forums, noting that they are geared towards highlighting issues within the justice sector and measures utilized by the Ministry to address these.

“The sessions also expose JPs to the various improvements within Government and strengthen [their] capacity to serve effectively,” he added.

Mr. Chuck noted that JPs serve as community leaders and have a responsibility to report corruption and other illicit acts to the relevant authorities such as the NIA, which co-sponsored the event.

“These sessions [also] serve as an opportunity for me to galvanize JPs and law-abiding citizens into action and inspire them to do even more than what they are doing,” he further stated.

Meanwhile, Minister Chuck encouraged greater involvement by JPs in mentoring at-risk youth, as a means of aiding the youngsters’ development into decent law-abiding citizens.

“I’ve visited the 14 parishes within the last few months to urge JPs to participate [in matters related to] the Child Diversion Act and become officers to assist youth with deviant behaviour, because many of these children just need love and attention,” he pointed out.

The national Child Diversion programme is being introduced under the Child Diversion Act that was passed in 2018, and is expected to be fully instituted in January 2020.

During Friday’s session, JPs received training on verifying passport application documents from Passport, Immigration and Citizenship Agency (PICA] Chief Executive Officer, Andrew Wynter, and guidelines on estate planning from Estate Administration Executive at the Administrator General’s Department, Ingrid Cole.

The Ministry of Justice launched the JPs Sensitization Series in 2017 to update individuals on justice-related matters so as to enable them to accurately inform and advise persons seeking their counsel.

Since the programme’s inception, over 5,000 JPs have been sensitized on various topics.


Source: JIS News

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