Junior nurses at ‘breaking point’ due to sharp rise in COVID-19 patients

Junior nurses at ‘breaking point’ due to sharp rise in COVID-19 patients

Some of Jamaica’s junior doctors are now at their ‘breaking points’ and are begging for the health ministry’s assistance as they struggle to cope with the mounting number of COVID-19 patients hospitalized. This is according to the Jamaica Medical Doctors’ Association (JMDA) president, Mindi Fitz-Henley.

In a radio interview last night, the JMDA president made a desperate call for the ministry of health to employ additional doctors to ease the stress on its members.

“The doctors who were recently not reengaged into the system, we need those doctors back on the ground urgently. Southern region and Western region made an appeal and asked for additional staffing there and that is occurring. So we’re just trying to deal with the paperwork as quickly as possible but we need additional bodies on the ground;” Dr. Fitz-Henley expressed.

 She further stated that a significant number of doctors are overworked.

“Our members are barely hanging on by a string…” she added.

Public health professor Dr. Alverston Bailey weighed in on the matter and is also in support of calls from the JMDA president in reinstating the nurses. He also suggested other necessary amendments to improve the health crisis that now exist in Jamaica.

“We need to open up the National Arena, what became of that plan? We need to put in more field hospitals. Falmouth is still accepting patients from Westmoreland, unacceptable! We need to put mobile oxygen concentrations in all hospitals… we need more PE and we need more trained healthcare workers. This is not the time to lay off doctors. And why don’t they ask GPs to help? We have thousands of GPs all over Jamaica who can help;” said Dr. Alverston Bailey.

The current number of persons hospitalized now stand at 607 persons, with 60 persons critically ill, 83 severely ill and 125 persons being moderately ill.


Natasha Williams- Mckoy’s Senior Writer

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