Junior History is Dead

Junior History whose real name is Redford Randall, died at the Cornwall Regional hospital, early Tuesday morning, October 23rd, from an ailment which as being plaguing him for the past years.

Recently the veteran Western Jamaica based DJ made several pleas to other dancehall entertainers, and members of the public to assist him in getting the proper medication for his ailment, but no one really came to his aid.

Before his passing, the veteran DJ, told Mckoy’s news desk that he was suffering from a rear blood flow disorder.

Junior History who hails from the inner city community of Canterbury, in Montego Bay, St James came down with serious health a few years ago and related to persons that he has been having great difficulties sustaining his medical bills.

During the interview which took him his last breath, Randall further stated that he has been a patient at the Cornwall Regional Hospital for some time now, but he was not getting the proper treatment, or medication, at the facility because he does not have the cash to pay for the medication.

He passed away peacefully on Tuesday.

Over the recent years Junior history who is one of the most recognized dancehall artists in western Jamaica became the bread-winner for his daughter’s two children, but after his sickness arose, both children were taken from him.

Junior History is a popular Western Jamaica based Dance Hall entertainer who came to stardom in the early 90es. He is mostly remembered for various duos with another veteran DJ, Cat Paw.

During his years as a dancehall artist, he had appeared on Sting alongside the Likes of Ninja Man, Bounty killer, and Bernie Man. He has also appeared on Reggae Sound Splash on numerous occasions.

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