Jungle Justice in Comfort Hall, St. James

Shane Scarlett, otherwise known as Shamar, was pronounced dead at the Cornwall Regional Hospital after he was attacked by residents of Comfort Hall in St. James yesterday.

It has been reported that Shamar was involved in multiple robberies and criminal activities in Comfort Hall and its surrounding areas. He was also involved in the robbery of a JDF soldier’s personal belongings.  His most recent atrocity saw Shamar burning down his 85-year-old relative’s house located in the community.

It’s been understood that police went to Comfort Hall yesterday morning, looking for Shamar but were unsuccessful. However, residents assured the police that they would find him as they were tired of his activities.

He was later spotted by residents who confronted him. They realized he had a machete but still decided to confront him and he attacked them.

Subsequently, Shamar was overpowered by the residents which assaulted him with their machetes and other blunt objects. This left him with chop wounds to his head and upper body.  Shamar escaped the residents but fell into a nearby pond as his wounds were too severe.

The residents alerted the police, who upon arrival saw Shamar’s body in the pond and called the fire brigade, which took his body out of the pond. He was taken to hospital where he was pronounced dead.

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