Juliet Holness Goes Shopping for Yellow Yam to Nourish Prime Minister’s “Firm, Strong, Body”

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Juliet Holness personally went shopping for fresh produce recently, to nourish what she has described as Prime Minister Andrew Holness’ “tight and firm, sexy body”.

Some social media photos made by East Rural St. Andrew MP, Juliet Holness of herself buying fresh produce from a vendor a few days ago, has evoked a barrage of comments, some of them naughty, some of them nice.

Juliet and Andrew shares a kiss

Why I love buying local!  Say yes to fresh,” Mrs. Holness, who is the wife of Prime Minister Andrew Holness, captioned the post which saw her buying yellow yams and jackfruit in three separate photos.

Prime Minister Andrew Holness

One follower Kathleen Sterling, heaped praises on the deputy speaker of the House of Parliament, stating that it was obvious who that she was the one behind the Prime Minister’s sturdy physique.

No wonder our PM is so young, sexy n fresh, he eats local products, bless up our first lady, n family!!!!” Sterling said, her comment bring up memories of 2019 where Mrs.  Holness boasted at a South East St Catherine constituency conference, that her husband, apart from being young and of sound intellect, had a body that was body “tight and firm” and “sexy cyan done” and that he was fit and versatile.

We have a prime minister who can run fi di whole day with probably about three to four hours of sleep. Him nuh sleepy sleepy none a tall, straight work,” she had said.

Among those cheering on Mrs. Holness was Sandra Weeks, who called on others to follow her lead.

Let us endorse this slogan “Say Yes To fresh”. If we truly want to become an independent nation; we must stop importing and start exporting.  ‘Prosperity wi sey’, this year and beyond. Please support this move,” Weeks implored.

Itzz Jus Becky also commended Mrs. Holness for supporting local farmers, as opposed to shopping in chain supermarkets.

Nice of you JAH. Not only the big men in those supermarkets want to live, the poor hustlers need to live too. A lot more of these big men need to support the locals too,” she said, while another follower suggested that Jamaica’s grow their own food.

We all need to buy weh plant a yard and let guh the foreign food them cause them nuh healthy,” she said.

There were many complaints though about the price of yams and other fresh produce on the local market.

300/lb for yam….it ruff out deh!” jamzii876 said.

One follower, Chiney Gyal went off on a tangent, using the time to complain about people disregarding curfew in Mrs. Holness constituency.

What a disaster. U win the seat in East Kingston not even 2 weeks now and the carelessness start already.   It’s 8:50 now and loud music and all sort activities happening in Harbour View. And your husband the prime minister say the country on curfew from 8pm. What a shame on u politicians. All about the money for u and yall family… don’t care about the people,” she wrote.

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