Judge Issued Warrant, Stayed the Execution

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St James, Jamaica (McKoy’s News) – Judge Issued Warrant, Stayed the ExecutionA St. St. James Parish Judge on Thursday issued a bench warrant for Deandro Jarrett, who is facing an assault charge, but stayed the execution until August 31.

Jarrett has found herself before the court entangled in a cross-case with Leon Ennis. She is facing charges of assault at common law and malicious destruction of property committed against Ennis, while Ennis is facing a charge of malicious destruction of property committed against Jarrett.

Neither of the parties turned up for court on Thursday and after consultation, it was told to the presiding judge Sandria Wong-Small that Jarrett was in custody outside of the parish awaiting sentencing in another matter.

Judge Issued Warrant: Meanwhile, a warrant was also issued for Ennis on a previous mention date when he failed to show up in court but the execution was stayed until his next court date. However, after he failed to show up for court on the next date, the judge ordered that the execution proceed.

The allegations against Jarrett are that on January 30, 2017, Ennis was driving his motor car along the Tucker main road, when he noticed that Jarrett was following him in another vehicle.

Ennis allegedly pulled off the road and Jarrett also pulled off the road, alighted from her vehicle and approached Ennis’ vehicle and tried to prevent him from exiting the vehicle.

It is further alleged that Jarrett pulled a knife during which Ennis exited his vehicle and a stone-throwing began. In the process, one of the stones flung by Jarrett reportedly damaged Ennis’ car.

The allegations against Ennis are that on the same day about 8:30 pm, he was travelling along the Tucker main road when an altercation ensued between him and Jarrett, who was also driving her motor car. It is alleged that Ennis then threw a stone in the back of the vehicle damaging the rear windscreen.




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