JPS To Roll Out Major Maintenance Programme In St. Elizabeth

JPS To Roll Out Major Maintenance Programme In St. Elizabeth

The Jamaica Public Service Company (JPS) will, in short order, roll out a major maintenance programme across the parish of St. Elizabeth.

Addressing the monthly meeting of the St. Elizabeth Municipal Corporation on February 10, JPS’s Parish Manager, David Lewis, said the initiative will include vegetation management, equipment changes, pole change and pole rehabilitation.

“We have actually done our assessment already and we are in the execution phase now to roll out this [initiative],” Mr. Lewis indicated.

He added that the programme forms part of JPS’s continued efforts to improve service delivery to the people of St. Elizabeth.

In the meantime, Mr. Lewis pointed out that smaller maintenance work, primarily vegetation management, has been ongoing in several sections of the parish.

He outlined that for the month of January, teams were dispatched to remove vegetation from powerlines in the areas of Carisbrook, Dry Harbour, Cottage, Alligator Pond, Gutters, Bigwoods, Lacovia, Munro and Nain, among other districts.

“[Also], we managed to change about five defective poles in the month of January in Bigwoods, Burnt Ground, Gutters, Lacovia and Seven Corners,” Mr. Lewis pointed out.

Furthermore, he explained that 17 streetlights – six in Braes River, one in Lacovia, one in Siloah and nine in Santa Cruz – were repaired in the parish in January as well.

“We are about 96 per cent in terms of functionality of street lights in the parish [and] we continue our repairs for the month of February,” he noted.

Mr. Lewis is reminding the public that they can report defected streetlamps through several channels to include the JPSs’ mobile app, email and website.


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