Joint Military Operation in Westmoreland Resulted in Arrests of Wanted Men

Jamaica Crime News, Westmoreland: A joint military operation which was carried out in the parish of Westmoreland on Wednesday, October 10, resulted in the arrest of several wanted men.

The police told our news team that the operation started shortly after 5:00 a.m. on Wednesday, with a large contingency of officers, being drawn from the Jamaica Defence Force, the Counter Terrorism and Major Organized Crime Unit, Mobile Reserve and other law enforcement agencies.

The teams were dispatched all over the parish, with the main focus on the community of Grange Hill and other troubled spots throughout the parish.

Hours after the operation, the police reported that they reaped success, with the arrest of several men, which includes a number of men who were being sought by the police for various crimes, which range from shooting to murder.

Superintendent Mevarol Smith,  in charge of Operations for Counter Terrorism and Organized Crime Unit, told our news team that the operation so far has been a total success.

He stated that a heavy focus of police and soldiers were dispatched in the parish on Wednesday morning and this operation, resulted in the apprehension of several wanted persons, whose identities the police do not chose to disclose at this time.

Superintendent Smith went on to say that, the operation will continue until Wednesday evening.


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