Joint Military Detains over 1000 Persons in St Catherine North

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Jamaica News, April, 1 2018 – Joint Military Detains Over 1000 Persons

St Catherine , Jamaica (McKoy’s News) – Our news team have learnt that since the Prime Minister of Jamaica, Andrew Holness imposed a State of Public Emergency in St Catherine North on March 17, the joint military forces have detained over 1000 persons.

A police source from the St Catherine North Division told our news team that a large number of persons taken into custody are affiliated with gangs , and a large number of these detainees hails from Western Jamaica and other parishes.

The police source further mentioned that, they have uncovered that Spanish Town has become a safe haven for criminals and gang members, but the move made by Prime Minister Holness to impose a State of Public Emergency in the area has resulted in a number of these hard core criminals been captured.

We also learnt that a large number of these men are part of rival gangs operating out of St James, Hanover and Westmoreland. Also, a number of persons of Interest who are being sought by the law in connection to various crimes were embedded in the Spanish Town area.

Over the recent years the St Catherine North police Division has accounted for a large number of murders and shootings which have been recorded throughout the island of Jamaica.

As part of an approach to stem crime, the Prime Minister of Jamaica imposed a State of Public Emergency in the area on Saturday, March 17. The operation has proven successful in more ways than one and resulted in the police apprehending a vast number of wanted men.

So far, the joint military forces are carrying out patrols, searches and border check points throughout relevant areas of Spanish Town, Bog Walk , Linstead and other communities around the police divisions.

Our news team also learnt that, one of the main focal points by the military is actually inner Spanish Town, especially in the regions of the Bus Park, which has accounted for a large number of murders, shootings and lawlessness over a period of time.

Since the start of the year, a total of 54 murders have been recorded in St Catherine compared to 136 being recorded throughout the year 2017. Also a total of 35 cases of shootings have already been recorded compared to a total of 137 at years end in 2017.

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