Jodian’s family call for UHWI to release medical documents

The family or Jodian Fearon wants the University Hospital of the West Indies (UHWI) to release the full medical records of the 23-year-old who died at the hospital Friday night, April 24.

The family issued a statement Thursday evening, April 30, in response to one on behalf of the UHWI earlier in the day which said there was misinformation in the public over an autopsy done on Jodian Fearon Wednesday.

The family said, in a release, “We also note that despite our best efforts UHWI has failed to hand over any copies of the relevant documents to us.” The family members said in their release that they do not intend to question the “moral integrity” of the people who work for the UHWI, Ministry of Health and Wellness or any institution. “We only seek to find out how and why Jodian died. We only seek justice for Jodian.”

They said the release of Ms. Fearon’s medical documents at the hospital “will help us find an answer” to what happened.

Ms. Fearon died at the UHWI after being transferred there following the delivery of her baby at Spanish Town Hospital, after nearly a day of horrifying experiences in the health care system.

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