Jodi Couture Doesn’t Care To Be The First Lady Of Gaza

Following last week’s back and forth between the four women in Vybz Kartel’s life, Jodi Couture has decided to clear the air about who is the First Lady of Gaza and it’s not her because she doesn’t care for the title.

Last week, Lisa Hyper released an expletive-laden video sharing her thoughts on the matter and she went after both Kartel’s former wife Tanesha (Shorty) and Couture. Though she did not specifically name Couture in the video it’s believed some of the comments were directed towards her like: “Kartel kicked you out of Gaza, I left.”

She also claimed that Couture had not been intimate with Kartel, and so had no real claim to the throne.
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Shorty, Lisa Hyper and Jodi Couture (from left to right)

“Nuff a dem weh yuh see a come cuss bout di h–d, dem nu get it yet, dah cockroach deh, she neva feel di h–d yet,” and she added: “Mi say to the man seh, Yo imagine if di gyal di get the h–d? … Imagine how some a dem would a bloodcl–t behave?” she said.

The usually private Shorty addressed the matter following her birthday party last week, and declared that she was still “his first lady. I nuh anybody can say that.”

Which one a unuh can go in a di bank!!!” she added.

The fourth lady in the conversation, Lisa Mercedez who celebrated her birthday yesterday, declared last week that she was, in fact, Kartel’s current woman.

Couture told the Star yesterday that she found the entire situation laughable and described the fight for such a title as stupid.

Jodi Couture appeared on Vybz Kartel‘s last album, To Tanesha, but is absent from Of Dons and Divas which is set for release next Friday, June 26.  The other three ladies are involved in the new project though – both Hyper and Mercedez are featured on the 16 track album, while Shorty is producing.

Jodi said she was not going to limit herself or her career with a title.

“The stupidest thing in the world to me is to argue over a title. What is a title and why is it so important to some people? It’s 2020 … a title is far outdated, may your work speak for you. Hard work beats everything. At the end of the day, people nah go talk about the title that you had, they’re gonna talk about your work ethic, what you accomplished, what trends you set.”

She did say however that she was grateful to Kartel for giving her a push into dancehall. “Me grateful for him forever, me love him bad. He titled me the Gaza Queen, that’s what he called me and I don’t even refer to myself as that. Me stay inna me lane but weh dem upset over deeper than a title,” she said.

Couture added that she was a queen of dancehall because of her blood.

“Everybody get dem time fi shine. Me take me time and reach weh me reach. Me go Billboard and everything. Steelie from Steelie and Cleevie, that’s my uncle, and dem man deh invent dancehall music so me born inna royalty, I’m royal. I don’t gotta run down a title.”

Hyper hasn’t responded to Couture’s comments as yet.


Source: Dancehallmag

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