JIS Heritage Competition Turns Focus on Reparations

Jamaica News; Students will demonstrate their understanding of reparation in the Jamaican context as they participate in the Jamaica Information Service’s (JIS) 2019 Heritage Competition.

The annual competition is open to students attending primary, secondary and tertiary institutions, who are invited to submit entries in the essay, poster and photography categories, respectively.

Special Projects Manager and Chair of the Planning Committee, Andrine Davidson, said that the issue of reparations has become topical internationally, and students are being encouraged to contribute to the discourse through their creative works.

For the essay component, students at the primary level, aged nine to 12 years, will be asked to write an original 400 to 500-word piece on the topic “Imagine that you are one of the seven National Heroes. Make your case for Jamaica to be compensated for the effects of slavery”.

. “We are asking the students who enter the essay competition to consider whether they believe Jamaica should receive payment from nations who benefited from the proceeds of slavery,” Mrs. Davidson said.

“We are asking them to think through the persona of one of Jamaica’s National Heroes and present arguments for compensation as seen through the eyes of that Hero,” she added.

The essay will be judged on relevance to the topic, originality, accuracy and analysis of research data, writing style and language skills.

Essay submissions must include the Title Page and Bibliography or List of References. At least one of the references must be a JIS source.

PHOTOS: JIS Heritage Tour 2018

Mrs. Davidson said that for the poster and photo competitions, students are being asked to present the issue of reparation in artistic form under the topic “Jamaica: A case for Reparation”.

The poster component is open to high-school students, who will be required to submit graphic designs or illustrations

Posters will be judged on interpretation of the topic, originality, creativity, artistry and presentation. They must be no larger than 11 inches by 17 inches, and done in landscape or portrait orientation.

Students entering the graphic category are being asked to submit their posters using a cloud storage service such as Dropbox, OneDrive (SkyDrive) or Google Drive., while illustrations should be mailed or dropped off at the JIS Head Office located at 58a Half-Way Tree Road, or the Montego Bay Office located at the National Housing Trust building, 2nd Floor, 42 B-C Union Street, Montego Bay, St. James. Tertiary-level students participating in the photo competition are also required to make submissions using a cloud storage service, such as Dropbox, OneDrive (SkyDrive) or Google Drive.

These entries will be adjudged on interpretation of the topic, originality, composition, technique and impact.

Any registered tertiary-level student attending an accredited Jamaican institution is eligible to participate. Entrants must indicate the name of the institution and area of study being pursued.

Deadline for submission of entries in the JIS Heritage Competition is Monday, October 28.

Relatives of JIS staff members are not eligible to participate, and students entering the competitions should ensure that they keep a copy of their work.

For further details, persons can contact Christine Ade-Gold at the JIS head office or call 926-3590-4 Ext. 2137/2132; or email: [email protected] or [email protected] or [email protected]


Source: JIS News

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